How much does a video cost?

We understand wanting an exact price for you video! But what we love doing is creating a custom video experience that fits all within your budget. You bring us the price and we will help you put your dreams into reality.

What is the price of a video production?

There is no exact answer but here’s the best way we can explain everything that goes in to creating your video! 

We like to think of it like buying a new truck! Generally, when purchasing that new pickup truck, you are looking anywhere between $30,000 and $80,000! 

Why such a wide range? 

Because each truck has different accessories and specs that best fit your needs like: 

  • Leather Seats (voice-over) 
  • Extended Cab (multiple cameras) 
  • Advanced Safety Features (actors) 
  • Bed Cover (quick delivery) 

All of these will increase the price of your new pick-up truck just like having voice-over or multiple cameras would add more to the price of your video. 

Would spending extra on your project be worth it?

Well, are those leather seats worth it? Yes, because it adds value to your project like an investment. Not only do you want to purchase the right pick-up truck that fits all your needs but also having a truck that you can sell later is important! Just like when filming a commercial for your company you want to be able to share the full experience to your customers. We cannot stress enough that the production quality of your video is seen as a reflection of your business. So standing out from the competition is what we strive for! 

Below is a list of various video production cost that you should take into consideration:

  • Video length 
  • Location 
  • When do you need the video? 
  • Crew 
  • Talent (actors) 
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Stock Video 
  • Storyboarding 
  • Voiceover 
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Audio 

We base our pricing on the value that we bring into the production of your video. Some videos shot in 6 hours, with one location, 1-minute long, and prewritten script with basic editing could run as little as $1,000. While a video with multiple locations, tons of motion graphics, and multiple actors can cost over $5,000. 

Here’s where we start when pricing our videos.

  1. Time: Video length, time spent planning and shooting 
  2. Editing: Post-production (audio, motion graphics, color correction) 
  3. Blueprint: What will you be using the video for? And how will you promote it? 

As overwhelming as it seems, we want to be fully transparent when creating your dream video! Our goal is to provide you with a professional production that brings your story to life all within your budget. If you are interested working with us for your next project fill out the card below and we will help you get started!

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